Rocky Point Charter is a public Experiential Learning Charter School that offers exciting educational opportunities for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. We are excited to provide this innovative and highly successful program to Shasta County. 

RPCS believes that students excel academically and thrive as individuals in a challenging educational program that accentuates their strengths and helps them become self-motivated, empathetic and reflective learners who value diversity while willing to take risks. RPCS believes that academic growth best occurs when students are held to clearly- articulated high-expectations.

School Highlights

School Culture

Today We Learn, Tomorrow We Lead… Our Charter’s unique learning model is focused on championing confident leaders that have the skills to be successful and thrive in today’s world.  Every child has individual strengths and the potential to be great at something. It is our job to teach them how to recognize these talents and use them to advance their academic career. 

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Adventure Challenge

All students will attend Adventure Challenge where they will participate in 45 minutes of structured physical activities and nutrition education. Baseball field, track, gymnasium, rock wall, and dedicated indoor space is available for a variety of activities. Physical fitness is an important part of maintaining healthy growth and development. It also helps relieve any stress and anxiety.

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Field Studies

Field Studies [Field Trips] provide students with exposure to real world activities. Each trip will be aligned with grade specific state standards and provide a platform for academic studies. Inspires a sense of adventure. This emphasis on fieldwork encourages student learning in the community. Our small class sizes allow for us to go on more field trips than the typical school experience.

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Hands On Learning

Projects that require students to use skills from multiple subjects as adults we apply information from different subjects at the same time to solve problems. In depth unit studies that ask students to draw skills from other subjects in order to address multiple standards at once. Bring traditional concepts (curriculum) to life by incorporating it throughout the day in every subject.

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Discovery Club

Rocky Point Charter School’s ASES Program (After School Education and Safety) is better known as Discovery Club.  Our main priority is to assist the students with homework assignments and identify areas of concern for additional tutorial services.  The goal is to provide a program that encourages academic and social growth to ensure we meet the unique needs of each individual student.

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Fall–Cross Country, co-ed Soccer

Winter–co-ed Basketball

Spring–grades 3-5 Girls on the Run, co-ed Softball

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Electives are offered in 6-8 week cycles throughout the school year. Electives are built to empower practical skills, and can help students find hidden talents or passions. Some of the electives we offer are Leadership, Art, Yearbook, Keyboarding, STEM, Sports, Crochet and Coding.

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Family Fun

Rocky Point Charter strives to connect with the whole child by creating opportunities to have family involvement.  The school along with PTO plan events such as Fall Fest, STEM Night, EXPO Night, Mother’s Day Tea, Father Daughter Dance, and others. These are important in creating a strong community within our school, including the whole family. 

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A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning, Brad Henry. Our charter teaching model encourages teachers to be facilitators allowing the student’s own curiosity to be their guide and motivation through in depth studies. Rocky Point Charter invests in our teachers by providing professional development opportunities to stay up to date on teaching strategies used in classrooms. 

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Learning Adventures & Experiments

Since we opened our doors in 2007, Rocky Point Charter has created a learning culture where we expose our students to the vast and rich opportunities that Shasta County and the surrounding areas has to offer. Our unique program revolves around project-based learning where teachers plan extensively to create a standards-based, experience in our community that includes goals, learning and behavior targets.  These standards-based learning experiences are called, field studies.   

Learning happens best when emotional connections are made. Rocky Point Charter students discover their abilities, values, passions, and responsibilities in situations that offer adventure and learning opportunities from their community. We look forward to continued learning adventures in our community.